Thursday Blues?

I never have Monday blues ‘cos I’m a saddo who loves going into Donegal town for my childcare course! Ha! So when the school week (Mon-Wed) is over I kinda feel stuck. I have a new steamer that my fantastic in-laws bought us for our anniversary, so I’m tempted to steam the whole house 😀

My food today has been fairly basic – I had aldi malted Wheaties for breakfast with some pukka cinnamon tea, some blueberries & fat free yoghurt for my morning snack & ham, mixed leaves & coleslaw sandwiches for lunch. I feel like I’m missing something though. This is a bad time for me because if I don’t stop and think about what I’m doing then I could quite easily mess up my day by eating too much of the wrong things…

What do you do when you feel like that? How do you stop yourself from messing up a perfectly good day? I think the best thing for me to do is pop the harness on the pooch and take her for a good 4K walk. The weather here is gorge, so why waste it?? I’ll have a pint of water when I get back and that’ll give my body the feeling that I’m full {I Hope}

Time to cheer up & move my butt!


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