Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Many of us dread walking past mirrors in shops, at certain times of the month or even week. We might feel bloated or may even have gained a few pounds after a very undisciplined weekend (let’s face it – we do tend to relax a little at the weekends; it takes a certain steely determination to stick rigidly to a healthy eating plan!).

The mirror is rather unforgiving, as is the camera. It determines how we view ourselves and can often determine our mood for the day. I have often thought I was doing well with a weight loss plan and expected to look a bit trimmer, only to see a photo someone had taken of me and be transported straight back to reality!!! Or when you know what you look like in your own mirror and then pass one in a shop and feel you look half a stone heavier – It can be soooo disheartening!!

When that happens, you can react 2 ways;

  1. Feel sorry for yourself & adopt the attitude of “I’ve been trying so hard and it’s just not showing!” so resume bad habits and eat all around you – leading to inevitable weight gain, or;
  2. Think to yourself “OK, so it’s still not visible that I’ve lost any weight, but that’s ok. I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing because I HAVE been feeling healthier and guilt-free with my healthier food choices. It’s already starting to pay off, whether I can see it or not.”

I’ll be entirely honest with you – my general reaction is normally number 1. I’m the kind of person who goes for a long walk, drinks 2 litres of water and expects to have lost 2lbs the following day. So unrealistic and part of the reason why I ditched my weighing scales! Obsessing over numbers is so unhealthy if you have any form of disordered eating. The jury is out at the moment as to whether weekly weighing is recommended for ED sufferers due to that obsession. My therapist tells me once a week is sufficient, yet some people on a Facebook support group are very much ‘anti-weighing’. They say that using the scales trigger negative behaviours, period. I would say it’s a matter of personal preference and wouldn’t push either opinion on anyone; you have to do what works for you without any form of setback.

Totally off-topic, where has the sun gone??? I bet it’s havin’ a blast over in Dublin while us westies put up with maximum cloud cover! Pffft! At least the sky ain’t leaking 😉

Well the dog’s gonna take me for a walk now. That’s the joy (one of many) of having her; she needs it just as much as I do! Afterwards I’ll make my own version of a BLT sandwich. I’ve no tomatoes…

Peace, love & positive vibes for the day



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